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PBNA is a Massachusetts based engineering and manufacturing company established in 1993. PBNA is committed to providing its customers the highest quality of engineering and manufacturing. PBNA integrates product design, material development, process development, and prototyping into plastic and elastomeric solutions. PBNA specializes in shock and vibration isolators, molded products, and custom material development utilizing rubber, urethane, silicone, and thermoplastic elastomers.

PBNA is the developer of DuraFlex® rubber, a trademarked, proprietary line of rubber compounds with ultra-high resiliency, low temperature rise, and long fatigue life. PBNA uses DuraFlex rubber compounds in some of the vibration isolators we manufacture. We also sell some of these compounds to other companies that mold tires, conveyor belts, and other products that benefit from the low temperature rise and long fatigue life of these materials. DuraFlex rubber is the lowest temperature rise rubber known to exist. One of the DuraFlex rubber formulas scored a 0° temperature rise on the Goodrich Flexometer test. DuraFlex rubber compounds also exhibit high abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, and high fatigue-life properties making them ideal tire compounds. Since announcing the development of DuraFlex rubber, we have received calls from all over the world with applications for the material and we continue to find new uses. Applications include tire, conveyor belt, military, and vibration equipment. If you would like more information about using DuraFlex rubber in your application, please go to the Contact Us section of the site.

PBNA is also the producer of CLDM, Constrained Layer Damping Material. This material is commonly used in aerospace applications to dampen circuit boards. Please find more information in the Standard Products section under Damping Materials.

PBNA is registered in the CCR, CAGE 1J8Z4.

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